What is the Intrinsic Coercive Force of a Permanent Magnet?
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The intrinsic coercive force of a magnetic material indicates its resistance to demagnetization. It is equal to the demagnetizing force, which reduces the magnetic polarization in the material to zero after the magnet is magnetized to saturation, measured in oersteds or A/m, denoted as  Hcj.

From equation (1-1) we know, when H=Hcb , B=0 but J is not zero. That is, the vector sum of the magnetic dipole moments in the material is not zero, and the magnet is not totally demagnetized. When the demagnetizing force is removed at this time, the apparent magnetic induction of the magnet will spontaneously regained. So we designate  Hcj as the intrinsic coercive force to distinguish it from the coercive force  Hcb . It is only when the demagnetizing force reaches up to  Hcj, is the magnet totally demagnetized.


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