What are the Principal Properties of a Permanent Magnet?
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 Permanent magnets are identified by the following principal magnetic properties:

Maximum value of energy product (BH)m, in unit of MGOe (megagauss-oersteds, CGS unit) or J/m³ (joules per cubic meter, SI unit), 4π×10 kJ/m³=1 MGOe;

Residual induction Br, in unit of Gs or T;

Coercive force  Hcb, in unit of Oe or A/m;

Intrinsic coercive force Hcj,, in unit of Oe or A/m.

The measurement of the principal magnetic properties is made in a closed magnetic circuit tester by commonly accepted procedures. The minimum magnet volume of a sample used to measure these magnet properties shall be one cubic centimeter and the smallest dimension shall be at least 5 mm. The performance of a permanent magnet circuit depends on the dimensions and the properties of all the components of the circuit.

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