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Time:2013-04-03 00:00:00


Recently, a Notice on Determination of "Tianjin Patent Demonstration Unit" was issued by Tianjin Intellectual Property Office to select Tianjin Sanhuan Lucky New Materials Inc. and other five enterprises and public institutions as "Tianjin Patent Demonstration Unit". Then the third patent demonstration work was officially initiated with the demonstration period as of 2013 to 2015.

The Notice stated that 6 demonstration units selected mainly involved in the dominant pillar industries and strategic emerging industries of Tianjin, such as biological medicine, new materials, equipment manufacturing etc. Tianjin Sanhuan Lucky New Materials Inc. and other five enterprises and public institutions, through three years of cultivation of experimental work as of 2010 to 2012, obtained significant achievements in the level of intellectual property management, quantity and quality of patents owned, as well as market competency of independent intellectual property products. These enterprises had satisfied the requirements of "Five Qualities" and "Five Abilities" of experimental works.

Tianjin Intellectual Property Office, in the demonstration period of following three years, would guide and support demonstration units to focus on developing and carrying out intellectual property strategies; and finally it would strengthen patent management and improve enterprises' core competition.

Accordingly, we will positively follow the appeal of document. In order to vigorously improve the ability of creation, application, protection and management of intellectual property rights, as well as enhance the quantity and quality of proprietary intellectual property rights owned, and even promote the core competency, we will focus on "five ones" project below. "Firstly, we are going to comprehensively propel the intellectual property of enterprises through establishing a patent management organization; secondly we will improve the intellectual property management level via a well-developed patent management system; thirdly a patent information database is about to be constructed to improve the ability of patent early warning analysis; fourthly, we are going to create a patent application layout group for forging the core products of proprietary intellectual property rights; fifthly, a patent display wall will be constructed for the purpose of promoting the enterprise culture that respects intellectual property right."


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