Management System


Sanhuan Lucky not only is committed to the development and manufacturing of high quality NdFeB products but also attaches importance to environmental protection.

The Company improves product quality continually and strictly abides by laws and regulations in relation to the environment at the same time. Further, it tries its best to reduce the environmental influence generated during the process of energy and resource utilization. We have taken effective measures positively for preventing the pollution of enterprise activities to the natural environment.

The Company strictly controls hazardous substances in the products in order to ensure the environmental protection of products. In addition to voluntary sampling inspection of enterprise, we have entrusted products to the third party detection institutions to be detected regularly and reinforced the management on the suppliers of raw and auxiliary materials. With exception of concluding the Guarantee of Disusing Environmental Management Substances and 4M Change Agreement, we even require suppliers of raw materials to provide the test reports issued by the third party detection institutions. Also, Sanhuan Lucky, at the moment of exquisitely manufacturing high-quality products, devotes itself to establishing the company into an environmental and sustainable enterprise.

Environmental Promises

Abide by related national environmental laws and regulations, as well as local rules; 
Try our best to adopt new technologies and materials for the purpose of realizing pollution prevention.
Positively carry out energy-saving and cost-reducing, and make the best use of resources, especially the waste recycle.
Strengthen the management on emissions and sustainably improve environmental performance.
Try to improve the environmental awareness of all employees through publicity and training.





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