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Product quality is not only the lifeblood of business, but also the fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises. We always adhere to the quality policy of "Quality First, All Staff Participation, Pioneering and Innovation and Growing Stronger and Larger" over the years.

We, as per advanced international enterprise standards and requirements of high-end customers, developed and carried out strict product quality standard to manage and control the performance, size, shape, position, reliability and appearance.

By bringing and absorbing advanced production technology and equipment at home and abroad, the Company has innovated and developed production technologies with Sanhuan Lucky characteristics after combining its own features. 

Now we are equipped with world-class testing equipment; meanwhile the detectability has realized leading level within the industry. The Company has established quality management teams guided by vice-general managers of technology quality. They have accumulated rich production and management experience. Meanwhile, these managers come from different departments to discover and settle problems timely, and finally improve our product quality and management levels.

The Company has high-efficiency and rapid information quality management system which is capable of counting, transmitting, analyzing, evaluating and monitoring those data that have influence to the quality, so as to control the productive process and keep stable product quality.

The Company firstly passed ISO9002 Quality Management System Certification within the industry at home in 1996. Then, it passed ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification in 2003 and got TS16949 Quality Management System Certification in 2005, respectively. With full and effective implementation and practice of all kinds of advanced management systems within the company, they have provided reliable and vigorous guarantee for product quality.

Sanhuan Lucky always pays attention to the construction of R&D teams. It therefore brought and cultivated a batch of diligent and high-quality R&D talents with exquisite skills. They have been working in the frontlines of research and development for a long period to make great contributions to the research and development of high-performance sintered NdFeB producs, improvement of product quality, promotion of manufacturing technique and increasing of production efficiency. In recent years, the Company spares no efforts in developing and promoting different kinds of automation equipment, and then taking the comprehensive automation as the target for the next few years. With continuous application of automation equipment, there is no doubt that the stability and consistency of product quality will be surely and vigorously guaranteed.





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