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Sanhuan Lucky always spares no efforts in vigorous and sustainable innovation on the basis of customer demands for a long time, which flexibly satisfied different requirements of all kinds of customers. We further improved customer experience and created maximum value for customers.

We, after establishment of our own R&D Center, have staffed and cultivated a batch of exquisite and hardworking high quality R&D talents who have been active in the frontline of research and development. Moreover, they have contributed persistent efforts to developing high-efficient products, improving product quality, upgrading product technology and increasing production efficiency. The company has vigorously developed and promoted automation equipment in recent years, and even targeted on realizing automation in the future. With continuous application of automation equipment, there is no doubt that the stability and conformity of product quality will be successfully ensured.

The Company, at the moment of innovation, improves its IPR protection and positively carries forward patent application. Up to 2014, totally more than 140 patents were submitted, among which in total of 67patents were authorized, including 20 patents for invention and 47 utility model patents.


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