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1. Why is there permanent magnetism? Does that means perpetual mobile?
According to the Maxwell equations, maintaining a static magnetic field needs not additional energy supply into the system. The energy transformation occurred only if the magnetic field of the system is changed. This is the scientific principle to comprehend the permanent magnetism and has no any relationship with the perpetual mechanics. This theorem is identified by the lodestone that exists for thousands of years on the earth. The geographic magnetic texture is changed only if the lava extravasations occurred there and the lodestone was damaged.


2. Why does sintered Nd-Fe-B provide higher magnetic field when device size is limited to several centimeters?
Magnetic moment can be measured (with) by using the Helmboltz coil. Take a sintered Nd-Fe-B of 10×10×10 mm (SANMAG-N48M) for example, its magnetic moment could be 142.0  μWb×cm, and according to Ampere's law the equivalent surface current should be 11.3 kA. To generate equal distant zone field strength, an electromagnet needs a square coil of 10×10×10mm loaded with a current of 11.3 kA. It is obvious that sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets are superior to electromagnets in application, especially in minitype devices with strong magnetic field.

3. What are the advantages of radial orientation ring magnets?
We provide SANMAG series of sintered Nd-magnet of radial orientation ring with excellent magnetic performance. The following picture shows the finite element analysis result on 16-pole magnetized radial orientation ring.

The magnetization of the radial orientated ring has no tangential component, so that the radial orientated ring magnet can provide stronger flux intensity compared to the ring built by using a number of segment magnets. Additionally, the stray field can be minimized thanks to its zero tangential component of magnetization, many advantages for motor application can be realized especially on parameters output, thermal, noise, vibration et al. Furthermore, the radial orientated ring magnet can successfully resolve the headache problem that the magnet moment fluctuation from piece to piece when using the segment magnets in the motor. This will directly decrease the manufacturing cost of the motor owe to the higher productivity of magnets construction, higher profile accuracy, zero pole assembly defects and lower management links when in mass production in motor industry. 



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